Sunday, March 30, 2008

Juicy Fruit

D and I were talking about this 1984 commercial over lunch this afternoon. Remember it?


  1. I remember it well, but the version I remember goes "The taste the taste the taste is gonna move ya" and this one says "the taste is gonna gonna gonna move ya."

  2. Oh, yeah! Still sing it in my head when I see it in the store! That's some good gum, too :)

  3. YES!
    And have you noticed...they've changed juicy fruit's color! Its now a bright yellow instead of the color of paste---ahh memories.

  4. wow! not only do i totally remember that...but i think i love that song! how hilarious! are there even ads for chewing gum anymore? i love the ending slogan...the taste the taste the taste is gonna mooooove ya!


  5. my grandma used to send all us grandkids one stick of juicy fruit gum with every holiday. she's since moved on to sending only her greatgrandkids a 2 dollar bill at every holiday. i still kinda miss the gum.
    it really did move me.

  6. i used to love gum until junior high, when 2 things happened: 1.) i got a big wad of orange hubba bubba stuck in my hair and my mom had to cut it out and 2.) someone gave me mint chocolate chip gum and i thought i was going to throw up.
    i have never eaten gum since!