Saturday, July 30, 2011

Less Tree = More Sun

Remember a few short monthes ago when I posted this? Well my garden is even happier today. My dad came over again armed with a 50 foot lift and a chainsaw on a pole.

Hello sun.

Thank you Dad.

Anyone need free firewood?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Leaving the Livingroom; Bye Bye Carpet :: Part 4

Well, our scheduled day to remove the remaining carpet in our living room was quickly shoved forward a few days due to an unforeseen...shall we say ingestive/digestive problem with Molly and my son's diaper?

The kids hiding under the displaced coffee table
If I never see another strip of carpet tack...
Anyhow, the offensive bits had to be removed as soon a possible so armed with my trusty pry bar off to work I set at 1pm, a quick break at 3 to pick E up from Summer Camp, then back at it until supper. After D arrived home from work we successfully removed everything (living room and kid's room) by midnight. The bare floors look and feel great. We are tired, but happy.

inch by inch

Due to the terribly disgusting nature of what I witnessed you, dear reader will not be subject to any beforehand photo's, you just get to see the shiny after shots!

only hardwoods

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Girl Scout's Camp 2011

Camp Sign

In between 2 very long drives to and from Longview, WA we had 'Just the 2 of Us' Mother & Daughter Girl Scout's Camp this weekend. E and I slept 2 nights on bunk beds in a rustic A-frame cabin, we did art's and crafts like crazy, our chores, we made new friends, participated in games and skits, sang around the campfire, painted our faces and just plain had so much fun 'Just the 2 of Us.'

The Cool 3-Way-Bridge Over the Creek
Hand Painted Mural in Lodge
We Made Ice Cream
Our Hands
Scavenger Hunt Climb
Outdoor Bathhouse
Costuming For Our Skit (look at those knees!)
E's Duck for the River Race
Hollow Tree
Face Painting
Closing Ceremonies

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Cleaner Kitchen; Bye-Bye Carpet :: Part 3

Next was our dinning room which adjoins our tiny kitchen and, as of late it has also doubled as a preschool style play room. We really cannot believe that we waited as long as we did for this part. The stains were so numerous from 6 years of daily spills that in the end I just threw up my hands and stopped my monthly steam cleanings.  Yes, the linoleum waiting for us underneath was way dated, but in fair shape. From beginning (pulling up the carpet) to end (prying up the ominous carpet tack) it took just 2 hours.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Bright Shining Star

It's just a sticker, Mom

There's no doubt that this girl is special. She's got something that is magnetic and smart and creative and happy. She's that way even when she's not covered from head to toe in stickers. Love you, my bright and shining star.

Ready, Set, Raspberry!

You would be hard pressed to find a fruit that I love more than a fresh raspberry.  And now I'm growing my own!

Starting in on the Main Floor; Bye-Bye Carpet :: Part 2

I get the 'pull-the-carpet-up' bug just about every Tuesday evening after supper. The trash is collected on Wednesday morning, and I just cannot stand to see a half empty trash barrel (like my Massachusetts lingo Tan?) go to the curb. So on go my work gloves (that also double as my garden gloves) and out come the pry bars and pliers.  Last week it was the majority of our second staircase, and we started on the main floor this week.  I have to be strategic tho because I don't want to pull up more than will reasonably fit in the container at the street, and I don't want our house to look any more crazy than it already does.

Last night I yanked the 4.5 x 7 foot section at the top of the stairs. I carefully cut along the areas that butt up to the hall, the entrance to the family room, and also kitchen.  Then I pulled the padding, and then the painstaking job of getting each staple and nail.  As you will see, my assistant was not so thorough...see that bit of tacking with the 2 nails sticking out...D knelt on it and they completely sunk into his left knee...and then he was sent for a Tetanus shot today.

Tho she still prefers to lay down on the quickly disappearing carpet, Molly hasn't seemed too phased by this new slick surface and I just love hearing her clickity-clicking on the wood as she follows me around.

The wood underneath is not perfect, there are a few dents and scars that I will worry about when we refinish, but I say; "Imperfect wood looks better than dirty carpet, any day."

Monday, July 18, 2011

Slip 'N Slide

I have very fond memories of the Slip 'N Slide my parents finally broke down and bought us kids.  My dad tried to talk us into making due with an old tarp and hose for a while, but the grommets riped into our legs and it just wasn't long enough; a really good run at it would send us off the end, hurtling and tumbling onto the worn grass.

I found a decent deal on one a few weeks back (when I assumed summer was actually starting for real) and brought it home for the kids. Today's weather finally showed some promise of warmer temperatures so we fished it out of the garage. The only dilemma was where exactly to put it...The backyard has a nice slope, but it ends at a chain link fence and is frankly covered in 2" long pine needles...The side yard would have been nice, but ends at a very busy street. So the front yard it was; not as much on a decline but softer grass and over-slipping would put them in the driveway. Not ideal, but safer...sorta.

E was soooo excited to try it out, and N just looked on for a bit and tested the waters with his toe.  After a few practice runs that girl was flying down that thing in her preferred kneeling pose. N went down a few times with a little help, but mostly just really liked watching his sis. And no one ended up on pavement.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Together again.

Drove down to meet up with Daddy on his way back home from his latest 6-week tour!

P155 P157 P159 P161

93 Days in Jail for Planting a Vegetable Garden

Can you belive a 3 month jail sentence is a posibility for growing your own food in your front yard in Michigan?  Read the article.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Biggest Little Circus in the World

The Wenatchee Youth Circus was back in town and the rain held off for the performance. We met up with Mable and Rochelle for some popcorn and fun! N was a little hesitant to enjoy himself for the first 1/2, but as soon as he realized he was safe up in the bleachers he really enjoyed it.

* you can't see how completely nervous this outing makes me, but rest assured that my mouth is dry and my palms are sweating...before the act even starts.