Sunday, July 24, 2011

Girl Scout's Camp 2011

Camp Sign

In between 2 very long drives to and from Longview, WA we had 'Just the 2 of Us' Mother & Daughter Girl Scout's Camp this weekend. E and I slept 2 nights on bunk beds in a rustic A-frame cabin, we did art's and crafts like crazy, our chores, we made new friends, participated in games and skits, sang around the campfire, painted our faces and just plain had so much fun 'Just the 2 of Us.'

The Cool 3-Way-Bridge Over the Creek
Hand Painted Mural in Lodge
We Made Ice Cream
Our Hands
Scavenger Hunt Climb
Outdoor Bathhouse
Costuming For Our Skit (look at those knees!)
E's Duck for the River Race
Hollow Tree
Face Painting
Closing Ceremonies


  1. How special and sweet! Love the hand craft!

  2. What a happy weekend! Especially love the shot in front of the sink in rainbow bright socks.

  3. This looks like an awesome camp experience! How great you could have the time together and do so much fun stuff. My summer camp memories are some of my fondest. Miss you guys! -danika

  4. Hey, glad you two could do that together. That is a good memory to make.