Monday, July 11, 2011

Ocean Shores 2011

I've visited Ocean Shores a few memorable times in my life, but not quite like this:

Eileen and I reserved a site for 2 nights at Ocean City State Park, it came highly recommended by my trusty camping in Washington book. We expertly packed our van with all the necessities and drove to the coast with our 4 children, and 2 was a tight fit but I'm happy we could all squeeze in together. You'll remember, our first overnight camping trip went so well 3 years ago, we decided to add another kid and pups to the mix to make it more interesting/challenging...

We set up camp, ate a few snacks (fished N out of the fire pit - no it wasn't lit) then set out to find the sand and waves!

After a nice long walk, we were ready for supper, a climb in our tree and of course a fire with s'mores!

When we woke the next morning, it was a quick bite to eat while we dodged mosquito's then loaded up the van again for a drive onto the beach where we parked next to a tiny stream and set up our spot for the day.

Complete with lots of playing in the water, food, sandcastle building, food, kite flying, food, naps, hot coffee and loads of smiles.

The next morning was spent trying to keep the kids occupied while we packed everything up; not an easy task. But we were all rewarded with another quick lunch/playtime and popcorn roast on the sand before the long drive home (but not before fishing N out of the fire pit, again - WTF?).

Thanks so much dear Eileen, here's to many more trips with the kids and dogs!


  1. Looks like that was a lot of fun for you. Glad you got away!

  2. Now those are two amazing moms!!! What lucky kids to have such an adventure! Looks like great memories for all :)

  3. What a fun time! I especially love the picture of all 4 kids in the water.