Saturday, July 30, 2011

Less Tree = More Sun

Remember a few short monthes ago when I posted this? Well my garden is even happier today. My dad came over again armed with a 50 foot lift and a chainsaw on a pole.

Hello sun.

Thank you Dad.

Anyone need free firewood?


  1. Good decision! Your plant will thank you.

  2. Your dad rocks!!! Love that extra sun!

  3. By the way: I notice that D is not risking life and limb in this endeavor...

  4. that is so great! garden expansion?

  5. Brian, actually D was the limb collector once they fell and nearly was decapitated on at least one occasion...
    Ben/Danika, yes more garden! I expect to expand another 40 or 50 square feet next spring, although may have to start assembling a few raised beds due to all the roots from that huge tree. But the garden is already producing more...I have a zucchini that I could use as a baseball bat!
    Tan, yes, I am so happy to have someone who wants to climb all the way up there! We're gonna skirt the other huge trees in the backyard after D get's back in October!