Friday, July 29, 2011

Leaving the Livingroom; Bye Bye Carpet :: Part 4

Well, our scheduled day to remove the remaining carpet in our living room was quickly shoved forward a few days due to an unforeseen...shall we say ingestive/digestive problem with Molly and my son's diaper?

The kids hiding under the displaced coffee table
If I never see another strip of carpet tack...
Anyhow, the offensive bits had to be removed as soon a possible so armed with my trusty pry bar off to work I set at 1pm, a quick break at 3 to pick E up from Summer Camp, then back at it until supper. After D arrived home from work we successfully removed everything (living room and kid's room) by midnight. The bare floors look and feel great. We are tired, but happy.

inch by inch

Due to the terribly disgusting nature of what I witnessed you, dear reader will not be subject to any beforehand photo's, you just get to see the shiny after shots!

only hardwoods


  1. Heck yeah!! Wow!!! This looks amazing and must feel SO good to have completed. I'm just sorry Ben wasn't there to help. :) And, that diaper-dog incident sounds pretty motivating. :)

  2. Wow, you have really done a great job. A great accomplishment!

  3. Whoa! Wow! Nice work- looks beautiful! Sorry to hear about N and Molly, but what a great motivator. All your hard work has paid off!