Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tree, 2, 1, GO!

We were in and out of the tree lot in less than 5 minutes this year. It had to be a team effort with everyone hustling this year; we had to get Daddy back on a plane for the second half of tour (he kindly flew home to celebrate Thanksgiving with us). E picked it out, D carried it to the cashier, and N followed everyone to the car with the twine to strap it to the top of our van.

11:05:18am :: 6 1/2 foot Nobel Fir tree located
11:05:53am :: tree carried to counter
11:06:38am :: fresh cut on bottom with chainsaw
11:09:03am :: tie to top of car
11:21:04am :: home

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bodkins are a Girls Best Friend

Don't worry, I didn't know what a 'bodkin' was until today either. My family has this accumulating stack of gym pants/shorts and hoodies, where the drawstring has been pulled out. Some drawstrings have gone missing so I made a trip over to the fabric store to buy a few yards or cording and offhandedly asked the woman at the cutting counter if she has any magic tricks for reinserting the buggers.  Her eyes lit up and she said "Follow me!" A Bodkin! This little miracle worker costs less than $2, and I had all of our clothes restrung in less than 5 minutes! This little metal needle has pincher's on one end instead of an eye, and a ring that clamps it shut; it's genius.


 We hit Swanson's for the Reindeer Festival every year with Asher, Mini, and Eileen. Now with most of the brood synced up with school hours we braved the crowds this weekend to snap a few quick pic's before heading back to their house for some cookie decorating.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Season's First Snow

E was at a slumber party last night, so when the boy and I rolled out of bed this morning we had our own little snowy surprise! He looked out the window for a long time, and then decided to pull his parka over his jammies, and chunk on his snow boots for some crunching and digging.


...cue the Christmas music.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


N has 2 very special boys in his life, Sawyer (middle) and Jesse (left). Lucky boy.

She MADE that!

E has been teasing me with the small details of a surprise she has been diligently working on in her pottery/metals class. She finally presented me with these very cool earrings!  GET OUT! And I'll actually use them!

Monday, November 14, 2011


This autumn has been exemplary. Yes, we have moved into the cooler days and a few have been drizzly, but the leaves have really shown their colors this year. They'd hung on as long as possible; until the last few days of chilly blowing winds. When we went out for some air this afternoon we were all so pleasantly surprised to find the pavement littered with colorful leafy confetti!