Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bodkins are a Girls Best Friend

Don't worry, I didn't know what a 'bodkin' was until today either. My family has this accumulating stack of gym pants/shorts and hoodies, where the drawstring has been pulled out. Some drawstrings have gone missing so I made a trip over to the fabric store to buy a few yards or cording and offhandedly asked the woman at the cutting counter if she has any magic tricks for reinserting the buggers.  Her eyes lit up and she said "Follow me!" A Bodkin! This little miracle worker costs less than $2, and I had all of our clothes restrung in less than 5 minutes! This little metal needle has pincher's on one end instead of an eye, and a ring that clamps it shut; it's genius.


  1. You are right, didn't know what a bodkin is, but now I do. What a handy tool!!!

  2. You learn something everyday. What a cool tool!!!