Monday, November 14, 2011


This autumn has been exemplary. Yes, we have moved into the cooler days and a few have been drizzly, but the leaves have really shown their colors this year. They'd hung on as long as possible; until the last few days of chilly blowing winds. When we went out for some air this afternoon we were all so pleasantly surprised to find the pavement littered with colorful leafy confetti!


  1. So pretty! Is that an Ezra hand me down hat?! How great! Miss you xo

  2. Brian, are you inferring that my dog and I look alike? :)

    Tan, It seems like Ez had something like that, but it's one I got for El way back when...and am very curious about how you came to get Luke!

  3. Oops. That did come across wrong.
    The correct and more direct phrase is: I like your hair darkened like that. Very Autumn-ish..

  4. That filter makes everything more pronounced...still have the same old boring hair, and color, tho I had just washed it, so that's something!