Monday, July 18, 2011

Slip 'N Slide

I have very fond memories of the Slip 'N Slide my parents finally broke down and bought us kids.  My dad tried to talk us into making due with an old tarp and hose for a while, but the grommets riped into our legs and it just wasn't long enough; a really good run at it would send us off the end, hurtling and tumbling onto the worn grass.

I found a decent deal on one a few weeks back (when I assumed summer was actually starting for real) and brought it home for the kids. Today's weather finally showed some promise of warmer temperatures so we fished it out of the garage. The only dilemma was where exactly to put it...The backyard has a nice slope, but it ends at a chain link fence and is frankly covered in 2" long pine needles...The side yard would have been nice, but ends at a very busy street. So the front yard it was; not as much on a decline but softer grass and over-slipping would put them in the driveway. Not ideal, but safer...sorta.

E was soooo excited to try it out, and N just looked on for a bit and tested the waters with his toe.  After a few practice runs that girl was flying down that thing in her preferred kneeling pose. N went down a few times with a little help, but mostly just really liked watching his sis. And no one ended up on pavement.

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