Friday, March 21, 2008

The WIGGLES - Live

What an amazing time!

(dancing her heart out)

(the man himself)

(oh-so happy)

(outside the stadium)

* I took 426 shots this evening, but I'll be sensitive to the non-fans...


  1. Simon LOVES the "wiggies" I bet that was such a joy watching her excitement!

  2. yay, ella! i am so happy you got to see this show! looks like a blast!!

    ann, did you really take over 400 pics?! :)

  3. it really doesn't get any better than watching her eyes light up at the sight of her favorite group, and of course dancing along with them right below the stage was a thrill!

    and yes, tania, i filled up my 1 gig card with 426 shots, most of them blurry streaks of red, blue, yellow and purple but a few turned out great, i was amazed i reached it's limit and amazed i had the time!

  4. i love it! priceless!
    and that's the great thing about digital: you can take as many pictures as you wants, in hopes of that one good shot! and it usually shows up...

  5. Oh! El looks so happy. I bet she had dreams about it all night long.
    What a great memory!

  6. That's so funny you should say that, I had dreams of the show all night long! I woke up at one point and commanded myself to dream about something else! And today we've all been singing one song or another under our breath, it'll likely be the soundtrack to this very eventful weekend!

  7. P.S. I had such a great time singing along that after fighting a cold the last week, I finally lost my voice; at a Wiggles show...

  8. Omg Ella is so cute and happy at that show. The pics are gorgeous too as usual. She is lucky to have you guys take her, I'd rather perform brain surgery on myself with a drill bit. But I have questionable taste, I wanted to see Britney Spears and Wesley Willis. :)