Monday, March 24, 2008

Falling in Loaf

I have fallen in love with my bread machine (I have an earlier model). It's sat dormant in it's box for years in our garage but after a little prodding, I carried it upstairs to her rightful place in the kitchen. I put her to work every week now with new recipes (whole wheat, cinnamon raisin, french, and today the infamous WHO bread). The lovely thing hums and jiggles for a few hours and when our warm bread is ready to be turned out onto the cooling rack she gives be a little 'beep-beep.'
I love her.
There is something so wonderful about piling simple and fresh ingredients into her bucket and without any more work on my end, out pops a nice loaf for us to use all week. For years I had the misleading assumption that bread machine bread is less healthy than something I would mix and knead myself, I thought they required a store bought mix for some reason. But now all the preconceived notions have dissipated and she and I are of one mind: Warm bread is good any time (especially when you use the 'delay' button for a piping hot slice in the morning).

* note: I've found that it only takes 2tsp. of yest to make the WHO bread recipe in our region/altitude, otherwise the extra 1/4 tsp creates an air bubble under the top crust...


  1. yay! don't you just love it! if you try any other recipes you like, besides WHO (and i've also done white), let me know. i haven't tried the delay switch yet. i would like to try that next.

  2. i also love a good slice of freshly baked bread. we've been baking lately--but we don't have the machine. but it just makes so much sense to bake your own! it's much easier to love bread that came from your own kitchen. AND, it's so inexpensive!!

    thank you for your lovely wiggles post (and coffee shop energy the next morning)! your good mood was absolutely infectious.

    hooray for spring!

  3. I've been meaning to make bread for a few weeks now. I made noodles so that's a step! Do you have any bread recipes you particularly like?

  4. well this WHO bread that I have a link to is pretty good, and she has a non-bread maker version (i think she calls it acoustic version) on her site. it's a great sweeter toasting bread paired with jam or cinnamon and sugar but don't think i'd try it with a BLT (too much cinnamon). i grew up with a bread that uses dried milk and oats, i'll see if i can get the recipe from my mom.