Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Weekend

We started Saturday off like usual; at ZuKafe for some coffee and pecan cinnamon rolls. Then we were off to our local egg hunt. The playground was not unlike an anthill, covered with little ones scrambling for chocolate eggs and their parents juggling cameras and camcorders! Of course the Easter Bunny made an appearance just like last year, and E surprised me again with total confidence and a huge smile (I guess a furry bunny is way less daunting than a old man in a red suit).

Since it was such a beautiful day (but deceptively chilly) we made our way down to Green Lake for E's first bike ride around the lake. We packed a simple lunch of cold homemade cheese pizza, apple slices and water and happily visited with the ducks while we ate. She had a great time, taking time of course to smell the flowers...

E received and early present from the Easter Bunny, new jammies!


This morning was dark, wet, and windy. We all eventually rolled out of bed for Ella's egg hunt and scavenger hunt that we prepared the night before. She had a ball trapsing all over the house with clues on where to find all of the wonderful treasures (thanks Grandma & Grandpa Bazan and Great Grandma & Grandpa Davis). We then tripped off to the breakfast table for some yogurt and granola, then scrambled to get ready for church. I was glad the service had been pushed back 15 minutes from it's normal start time, I dunno where the time goes on mornings like this.

We had a nice afternoon with a mellow lunch at our house, a few naps were taken, and then it was full gear in preparation for the dinner my entire family was coming for! This is actually surprisingly rare considering all 3 kids and their families live within a 20 mile radius. It's just that all 3 of us married people with unconventional work hours (touring musician, fire fighter, and a pediatric nurse) and very often there's at least one spouse missing. So, today was pretty special. Dinner was great: ham, mashed potatoes with smoked cheddar and mustard seeds, green beans with pine nuts, fruit salad (Yummy, Yummy! - Wiggles, we're still humming the tunes), rosemary biscuits, deviled eggs, cabbage salad, with peach & blueberry cobbler for dessert.

After our meal we played a few rounds of UNO so E could show off her newly acquired game playing skills, and we could let our food digest...

Nice weekend.


  1. Aww! What a special family Easter weekend. Dinner sounded delicious and I just love that last family photo of everyone. Ella, great job riding your bike all around Green Lake!

  2. that's wonderful! it's really special that you have family around.