Friday, March 14, 2008

Air in Our Lungs

E came down with some bug. It all started out as a slight sore throat, turned into a croupy cough, moved onto stomach aches, and now we're at diarrhea.


Because she and I were up half the night working through her difficult breathing and deep barky coughs I needed to get out this morning, and the zoo was just the place. Any sane thinking mom would have taken one look outside and declined such an invitation; it was really damp, and cold out. But that combination is just what little E's lungs needed so we bundled in raincoats and boots, and made a quick stop at Lighthouse for some caffeine before the leisurely walk.

There was a special penguin feeding today; live fish. Quite a crowd gathered for the event, it was really fantastic to see them hunting down their prey. One of the birds was especially excited about it's lunch and was in non-stop honking mode. Everyone, including E thought it was pretty amusing, and began mimicking him.

Here are some other sights:

Plant Life:



  1. oh, ella! the croup again! so sorry... hope you feel better soon!!

    ann, those pictures are beautiful. i can't believe all the signs of spring you have out there already!

  2. the pictures you take are so gorgeous i almost can't believe it. jim dantzler told us about lighthouse but we've never gotten over there, i'm gonna do that soon. poor el, i really hope (for both your sakes) she feels better soon. xo