Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dropper Art

Yes, I still have a bit of preschool teacher in my blood. I find it impossible to throw things away that could just possibly be used in an art project or learning experience down the road. I stock up on supplies at places like Jo-Ann's and Discount School Supply. It drives D nuts, and that's understandable because we really don't have a lot of extra storage space around the house.

I inherited this idea from my previous job and the droppers from my sister (works in the medical field). The nice thing about this project is it works with any theme (you cut the paper towel or coffee filter into whichever shape you like - we did eggs today) and a verity of ages love to watch the liquid water color drop and spread. I used a cookie sheet under E's project as to minimize paint splatters on the table.


  1. great idea! those came out sooo pretty, ella! i need an easter craft idea to do in noah's class next week... that might just work (if i can locate the droppers). love that last pix.

  2. ahhh...the things we took away from the jcc. i always did like this art project tho. the colors, and how serious the little artists were at creating...i love E's eggs!

    btw, blogger didn't let me leave a comment on your previous post for some reason, the post about tania and the scarf, but i wanted to say it was a really beautiful post,and thank you for sharing such meaningful thoughts :)