Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hood Canal

My parents own a cabin that sits right on the beach of Hood Canal on the Olympic Peninsula. Today was Spring Cleaning. E just lounged around most of the afternoon napping and watching videos while the rest of us scrubbed, vacuumed, laundered, and cleared cobwebs. We did though, get a chance to explore the low tide down on the beach for a while before taking the ferry home again.

Among the things we encountered were: spider crabs, sea stars, baby eels, barnacles, geoducks, oysters, a bald eagle, sand dollars, seaweed, moon snails, sea anemone and octopus eggs!


  1. wow! look at all those sea stars. i was always fascinated by the diverse treasures of the beaches out there!

    ella's getting to be such a big girl! i love that first picture of you two. :)

  2. wow! so many creatures encountered, and just at the ferry dock at that! i love that last pic of E holding the shell, the colors are so vibrant.
    and wow! a bald eagle!