Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter Has Hit

Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I like the Holiday's. Christmas of course being the king of the Holiday's (no pun intended), Harvest/Halloween a close second, and then Valentines & Easter. I've ordered up the appropriate holiday books and DVD's from the library, started thematic art projects for E to mail out the grandparents, and will make a few trips down to our local candy shoppe for handmade chocolate bunnies and Kinder Eggs. All the decorations have been boxeded up in the garage according to theme, and I eagerly pulled them out this morning and declared today as "Decorating Day."

This morning E needed a few projects, so out came the plastic eggs, window cling-on's, stuffed bunnies and baskets. Along with the store bought paraphernalia were a few hand-made treasures too; art projects from the previous year and a sweet garland Jen made us (the oh-so-cherished stuffed bunny she lovingly made for E last year stays close at hand all year round on her shelf, but decidedly needed to be on display in the living room as well).

I love decorating, but I'm with Rachel, when's the last time Easter and St. Patrick's day fell into the same week?


  1. I just love your 10 on 10 pictures!!!! I guess I missed the part about it being 10 consistent hours during THAT day ... oops!

    Easter seems like it just popped up out of nowhere this year for me... I got get moving on Easter prep.

    love your decorations.

  2. Tomorrow is my decorating day! How about that! Where do you buy KinderChokers - I mean, KinderEggs? I haven't seen any outside of Canada.