Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In the Lanes

D gave me a great gift last weekend: The Promise of "'Till 9:00." I have until 9AM every morning to do as I see fit. And what I really want to do is get fit. So I gradually started collecting all my swim stuff, and psyching myself up for the challenge.

Before I got pregnant with E (I was too nauseous to swim with her growing in my belly) I swam laps nearly every morning, and I've really missed it. It's hard to get into any exercise routine when D is so 'in-and-out' with his job, but right now he's home for a nice long stretch and I'm hoping to make the best of it. I had to get a new suit and cap, but my goggles were in good shape, and my sister-in-law thoughtfully got me a 10-punch swim pass for Christmas, so I was good to go.

It wasn't easy this morning. It's hard to convince yourself when you're all snugly in bed and even your 3-year-old is still sleeping that what you really want to be doing is slipping on flip-flops and chipping the ice off your car to head over to the pool. But I did it! That familiar humid chlorine climate hit my face and I couldn't help but smile. The water was warm and that initial aquamarine view below the surface made me giddy. It's where I wanted to be. I won't lie, it was a hard workout. I only made it about half of the way through my original program, and I was winded with my muscles shaky when I climbed out of the water (and are still remarkably tired 1 1/2 hours later as I write this). But I did it, and I'm excited to do it again tomorrow; to hopefully become a regular.

When I got home E had a nice sleepy smile for me and D even had a hot slice of cinnamon toast and coffee waiting. I could get used to this.


  1. good for you!! (and how nice of dave to give you this "me" time) enjoy your newfound morning routine... remember you deserve to be good to yourself. i find that when i get to exercise early in the morning, i feel good all day.


  2. Sounds so nice! I used to do early morning swims in college - such a great way to start the day! I am so glad you commented on my blog a while back (I have been meaning to write back for a while now . . . oops). And of course I remember you!!! I thought that I recognized you at Bethany, and next time I see you I will try to grab you. Kristi is doing well - I have a post to her blog from mine (The Bruecks). She just had her 2nd baby. Hope to talk (in person) to you soon!

  3. that's awesome, ann! way to get yourself out of bed! i get no credit for walking francis to school because he HAS to get to school, and if i didn't have to i don't know if i would. trying to get back into excercise after baby is always so hard, especially the timing and motivation.
    here's to many more laps!
    (ps. i love that pool smell too. yes, i grew up in a swim team family...)

  4. Tan: I had so much energy yesterday! I went on a long walk behind E as she rode her bike, I washed both the van and truck, and weeded the lavender bed! Woke up a bit stiff, but hit the pool again this morning and I'm so into it!

    Rachel: I'd been jealous of El this past year as we're at the pool at least twice a week with her in lessons and I'd been scheming a way to get in there myself, I guess I have to take the opportunity (even if it does come at 7AM...)

  5. nice work. and nice source of inspiration, i might add. i've been meaning to take advantage of the early morning freedom i could have for months now. but the snuggly bed is just too hard to crawl out of some mornings. perhaps a fresh perspective is in order.