Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Rolled Over...

E fell out of bed this morning. I was at the pool and D was awakened by her shrieks. She's been fighting the same stuffy nose for a few days and was leaning out over her cool mist humidifier, miscalculated and toppled out. She's fine, but walked away with an imprint on her cheek that hasn't faded...

In other news, she's learned how to pump while on her swings in the backyard all by herself. Hooray no more "Can you push me?"!

Meanwhile, the dance never ends...we've signed her up for a rhythm gymnastics class for this summer and, well, she's jumping for joy.


  1. aww, love the ella update. that looks like one sore cheek!

  2. looks like she was kissed by an angel.......I'm glad she's okay.