Friday, April 11, 2008

Featuring, Us!

If you haven't gotten a chance to make it over to the 10 on 10 site yet, check it out!
Jen and I were featured this month.


  1. I was anxiously waiting to see your 10 on 10. Beautiful.

    Aunt Sharon

  2. how do you get your colors so saturated?
    your pics are beautious!

  3. I do mess around with them in iphoto a bit before I post, color saturation and exposure levels mostly.

    With digital being so easy these days, gone (for now) are the long hours in the darkroom dodging and such...I kind of miss all the hard work, it made the final product way more gratifying! My enlargers have been gathering dust for the last 10 years, maybe this summer with be the one when I finally convert the small downstairs bathroom into a darkroom...doubt it though.

  4. What kind of camera do you use? The photos in the post below this one are pristine! I can't get over how good the colors look.

  5. Dave got me a Nikon D40 for my birthday last November. Lovin' it! As soon as I get a little spendin' money I'm gonna get an extra lense!

  6. It's so great! Puts my little Canon TX1 to shame...