Monday, April 21, 2008


D had a few shows scheduled in Oregon this weekend. So we grabbed our family friends (the Kim's), piled into our van on Thursday afternoon, and made a vacation out of it. We took the MAX to the zoo on Friday, where the polar bears were in fine form (apparently a rare event) diving and doing the backstroke for all the lookers-on. Saturday we took a little day trip over to Cannon Beach to fly kites and run around on the beach, but the strong and chilly wind shortened our stay and we ended up one town over for the 2:30 showing of Horton Hears a WHO. Our hotel was great and the kids ended up in the pool at least once (mostly twice) a day, while the parents made quite sure we were fully caffeinated each morning down at Stumptown! Nice time with nice people in a nice city.


  1. What fantastic pictures... I especially love the first one of El's hand, and the one with her arm around her buddy! Looks like a great long weekend and a nice break away. xo

  2. what a nice getaway! great pictures, too. i esp love the slide one, and the kite pic :)