Saturday, April 12, 2008

80 Degree Bragging Rights

The weather today in the Greater Seattle Area was marvelous, 80+ degrees (nothing, I realize my California/Arizona friends and family would find all that amazing)! We went downtown near the marina for some beach time. It became increasingly obvious as we tripped across the waterfront that I had dressed E and myself all wrong; her in a long sleeved turtleneck w/sweater and rain boots and me in my smartwool socks (to my credit it has, in the last few weeks been deceptively springlike upon gazing out the window, only to find it snowing hours later)! Thankfully I remembered an old sun hat I had stashed in the jogger from last season, but no sunscreen, so we endured the heat.

(doesn't this look like water you'd find at Dinseyland?)

As we rounded the corner from the marina to the sandy beach we were greeted with the sights and smells of many pale, sun-lotion-slathered Nothwesterners lighting up BBQ's, teetering around on tender bare feet, and flinging beach towels on every inch of the soft sand.

It was warm, dare I say hot with little breeze. This proved to not be ideal kite flying weather, and after trying for a while with her dad E resigned herself to tossing rocks into the water and digging holes.

* You, dear reader can expect many more beach-going posts to come this summer as nothing really proves to be more relaxing than sitting under an umbrella with good friends and watching the kids amuse themselves at the shore. Sigh. Summer come quickly.


  1. what lovely day! my favorite kind! summer can't come soon enough (or at least a warm spring)!

  2. smartwool socks!!!
    hahhaha poor you!
    i dug out and stashed my flipflops in the car because i thought the weather report was too good to be true, but......suprisingly, i got to wear them all day long!

  3. ...and only a week later i have 4 inches of snow on my lawn. *sigh...*