Thursday, April 22, 2010

Workin' the Earth

Happy 40th Anniversary Earth Day!  Today I was up to my elbows in soil and compost.  I changed my mind about the final location of our garden, and started in, again.  It's a s-l-o-w process because I'm ripping out grass and reusing it in another part of the yard, so I can't just till everything under...After I got an 8' x 6' bed all ready with the compost all mixed in, I just had to my tomato's to their new home (and you can see my raspberries along the fence line)!  I'm bone tired, a little sunburned but very excited about being well on our way to growing a lot of our own food this summer!

On the other side of our hideous chain link fence I moved a few plants in from across our backyard, and added a little ornamental rock path and border with all the stones I've been picking out of the pea patch.


  1. Hey! You are doing great work, Ann!

  2. Thanks guys! I am so beat, but really motivated to get out there day after day. My goal is a 16'x16' space, so still about half way there. I work every spare minute between changing diapers and heating up lunches. Both the kids get a kick out of helping/watching so I don't feel bad about dragging them outside for a day in the fresh air. I set N up in a little walker (that doesn't walk) and E just twirls around collecting stones and singing.