Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Useless into Useful

I bought this Noah's Ark & Animal's puzzle toy for E before she was born.  She played with it very sparingly and mostly it just collected dust.  It's cute and all, but doesn't make sense.  You can shove any of the animals into any of the slots sideways so there's no skill sharpening at all.  N has used it a little more, he'll rip off the top, dump all the animals out, and then drop them into the boat's belly again with a very sweet sense of pride.

Then just today I was on an online mission to find baby friendly refrigerator magnets (ones that I could theoretically leave N alone with and not worry that his bowels were pinching closed while he slept because he swallowed a few on the sly).  And a light bulb went off!  I fired up glue gun, and adhered large super magnets to the back of all the wooden animals!  Yay!  And N loves 'em too!