Friday, April 9, 2010

Waah, Waah

You all are probably tired as can be of hearing me whine about my lack of sleep lately. Yes, I was apparently spoiled with a 8 month-old who was sleeping 10 hour stretches at night. So what happened, you ask? A combination of things that when they all came together were insurmountable for that little dolly-boy of mine:

  • Ear Infection
  • Onset of Separation Anxiety
  • Trip to Phoenix
  • A case of Roseola
  • A cold
  • Teething
  • Another cold

Mix 'em up in whichever order you want, what you get is unsettled and uncomfortable. For both mom and babe. Throw in the lovely timing that he's learned to push himself into the sitting position this last month no matter how drowsy he is then cannot for the life of him figure out how to lay back down, the picture becomes a bit clearer doesn't it? He wakes only briefly to cough or whatever, sits up, and then finds it impossible to fall back asleep BECAUSE HE'S SITTING!!!! I've tried all methods to keep this kid sleeping, but each night I'm called to his crib repeatedly to rescue him. I've pinned him in with pillows, I've jolted out of bed the instant I hear him stir to shush him back down, I even closed my door to let him cry, thinking, "Well he'll eventually just fall over," but no, he kept on for 2 hours folks, from 2AM to 4AM, and I can assure you that by 4 I was ready to wheel his crib through the hall, down the stairs and park it out in the driveway.

And where has D been during this whole circus event? Well, doing his job. I don't hold anything against the man for putting food on the table, I just really really cannot wait to see him tomorrow: the changing of he guard. The other day I likened our little man to a vampire; relatively docile during the day, but SUCKING THE LIFE OUTTA ME AT NIGHT!

It hasn't though, just been nighttime sleeping either, oh no. When I need my break during the day, and he actually does fall asleep he'll give me maybe 45 minutes tops, and then we're back at the whole charade. He's overly tired and it's a vicious circle! Until today, when I had the epiphany to lay him down with D's music playing in the background. Do you know what he did? He started singing along! Well, you know baby-babble-droning along, and then he drifted off to sleep. And that was over and hour and a half ago! No tears, no sitting up. I don't even know what to do with myself! I should have taken a shower or folded my mountains of laundry, but I had no clue all this time would have been afforded me, I feel kinda lost.


Would you like some white noise?


Classical piano, perhaps?


How about driving guitar rifts & loud drum beats with Daddy crooning along?

I'll take it!

* UPDATE 4/10/2010 - N has been sleeping like a champ the last 2 nights and for naps both days!! Hip-Hip!


  1. Oh, man! I feel for you- we've been there! It'll get back to a better schedule soon, but for now just hang in there my friend! So glad Dave will be home for you tomorrow. xo

  2. So sorry it's been so rough. Hopefully Dave will be able to take over the night shift for a while and you'll be able to get a full, glorious eight hours soon.