Sunday, April 4, 2010

Moving Forward

Yes, yes I know it's Easter. But my boy started crawling today! He's been quite mobile for a while, but moving in the wrong direction. He'd push up onto his hands and toes or scoot around, only backwards. It was actually quite impressive. I'd leave to room to work in the kitchen for a bit and come back to find him clear across the room and complaining that he'd pushed himself into a corner or lodged himself all the way up to his knees under the couch. But today, today we are moving forward, in the right direction, still working on the 'lookin' where I'm going' bit, but hey baby steps (or crawls)! And D coincidentally got to see his first purposeful movements this morning during an iChat! He may be all the way across the US, but we're doin' our best to keep him close to the action!

Good-bye deliciously chunky thighs...

*Check out the little stinker looking to see if he's gonna get in trouble for touching E's map.


  1. Good job Nils! And I love the Bay Hay & Feed t-shirt!

    the other Olson!

  2. Yay, Nils!! How wonderful that Dave got to see it too! Nils looks so handsome in his vest ;)