Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, Fun-Day!

The weather was terrific today!  E had her bud Asher spend the night last night and all 3 kids were early risers this morning so we took 'em out to a coffee shop before we bought what I consider to be my very best Craigslist find e-v-e-r!  You'll recognize it from yesterday's post, only this little green seat is ours (the other's was borrowed)!  Yay!  These things normally run for about $100, and we walked away with ours for a twamp ($20)!  We picked up new helmets for the kids, made our first trip to the park as a foursome!  E has had a little bit of trouble transitioning from her beginner bike to this new one (new to her, it was mine growing up) but she's taking the spills with stride & smiles.

And N loves riding up front with his dad.

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  1. How awesome!! Now you will really enjoy this family activity together!