Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Rocky Theme Song

Can you hear it?

I finished the garden today!  After I tenderly placed the last start (chives), I brushed the dirt from my knees and gloves, & punched my fist into the air as those celebratory trumpets bugled inside my head.  I did a little dance in my gray hooded sweatshirt, pumped my fists in front of me and shouted "Woo-Hooo!"  Of course we're not even close to done, there's lots of maintenance and tending to do, but the hard labor of digging and tilling is so over.  Now I can get back to being a bit of an inside mommy, and planning our chicken coop!


  1. congratulations!! i've been wanting a chicken coup for a couple years now- but tim thinks it'll drive our neighbors crazy- can't wait to hear more about that!!

  2. we know the feeling. we just finished planting garden (first time ever) so we'll see. We also have some chickens.....fresh eggs are wonderful. Can't wait to see how all our vegetables turn out.