Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here Comes Trouble

Now that he's on the move we're back into keep-everything-off-the-floor-phase. I walked out of the living room for a minute, only to come back and find him in the dinning room with his mouth pressed up against the laminated map we use to keep track of where D is daily. We use an overhead pen to trace his route, and then wipe it off when he returns...N's just few steps ahead of us!

Didn't fully come off either...


On another note, he has started entertaining us to no end with little games. Like this one; He'll put something on his head, let it fall, then go after it. It's cute until he tries it with his lunch and ends up with tofu cubes in his shirt pocket, green beans all over the floor, and banana slime in his hair...

*I love how he pulls down his shirt at the end, so funny!

*Also please excuse my stuffy-nosed-half-naked-one-sock-little -rugrat.


Finally cut his first tooth this morning...hopefully that explains his completely terrible sleep patterns lately...maybe I'll try a preemptive strike of Motrin tonight just to be on the safe side.


  1. My goodness he's nice to look at...I bet you had a good chuckle when you saw his blue upper lip...

  2. Ha! I just want to kiss his belly!