Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome Axel Benjamin!

Axel Benjamin Birt
Born at 6:45pm
8lbs 11oz

After laboring most of the day at home my sister gave birth to a very healthy baby boy this evening just 3 hours after arriving at the hospital!  He looks so much like his older sister, and yet he called up quiet little nuances of my own boy too (maybe it's just their boy-ness).  He has curly sandy blond hair, long fingers and had already found his thumb.  Laila was as excited as any 1 1/2 year old could be.  She kept pointing to her brother saying "Baby," and "Nigh-night," as he was pretty sleepy for her visit.

The Big Sister
Face to Face
The Whole Clan
Gram & Papa
A Little Laugh

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  1. Wow! Welcome to the world baby Axel! Congratulations to your sister and your family! He's beautiful :)