Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh, the lure of the M&M!

E's been a wiggle worm at the table. We got rid of any type of booster seat; she's a big girl and can reach the table for meals. But lately I've been tempted to buy 10 feet of rope and tie that girl to her chair! She's up, down, on her knees, half-way on, backwards, behind, slumped, balancing, rocking, bouncing, fiddling, anything but facing forward! IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!

Today we tried a little experiment. She started dinner out with 5 M&M's in a glass dish right above her plate (so she could keep an eye on them) for dessert. Any messing about and I took 1 M&M out of the bowl and set it in front of me. She would immediately re-situate herself and continued on with her meal. Oops, slid off her chair, another M&M for me. Drat, legs off to the side, one more for Mom. And so it went. I did give one back because she went a whole 5 minutes without budging. All in all she got 3 M&M's and we were both delighted after our meal.

Have to get rid of that Halloween candy somehow!


  1. great idea! love it! you are so good at coming up with this stuff!

  2. that is so perfect! i'm using this one next time we all sit down to eat together. thanks :).

  3. ahhh! it feels like we're just grasping at straws most the time! you know, if you can get something to work, even for a little time, that's success. i can remember bribing francis with a treat, just so he would eat his supper!
    m&m's must be magic, because darn it all, they work so good!

  4. Went to our local health food store and bought 'healthy' M&M's in the bulk section, called Sundrops