Monday, February 4, 2008

Cupcakes Round 2

E and I have been baking a lot lately. The shorter daylight hours combined with the weather leaves little else in the afternoons between naptime and dinner. Today I was decided everything was to be done from scratch. We approved a recipe from the cookbook (people if you don't already have this on your shelf, stop what you are doing right now and go purchase it. It will change your kitchen life) then we set to work. They turned out great (like all their recipe's do) and the frosting is like nothing I've ever made (7-minute Frosting). I was thinking of Tania as I spread a thick layer over the tiny cakes, it reminded me of cross between *marshmallow fluff and meringue.

*It should be explained here that marshmallow fluff is not used on the West Coast like it apparently is on the East. When my dear friend Tania moved out here she brought along with her the most ginormous tub of the stuff. Not really knowing what else (besides fudge) one would use it for my inquisitions were answered upon watching her make lunch one day for her children: fluff=jam. Peanut Butter & Fluff is as common as PB&J much to my surprise. I've never tried the combination, but her children naturally finished every bite.


  1. peanut butter and fluff sandwiches are called "fluffernutters" (pronounced fluffanuttas!) out here. :) they originated a couple of towns over from where i live. i grew up eating them, but ever since moving west and then east again, i haven't served too many to the boys (only as a treat now). these sandwiches cause quite a commotion a couple years back with a MA senator who wanted them banned from schools. people wouldn't have it! they love the stuff! check out:

    ps the cupcakes look delish, ann!

  2. That picture looks like it's from a food magazine! We made PB&Marshmallow Creme (I think calling it fluff is east coast) back home, it's good times. I'm going to try the recipe you used.

  3. hahaha, east coasters know fluff! you gotta try the PB & fluff sandwiches. i never got them in my lunches growing up, but my oh my...what a special treat for afterschool! i still eat them every now and then...sometimes, i just get the cravin'!