Sunday, February 3, 2008


E and I have movie night every now and again. She takes an early bath after dinner, climbs into her fuzzy-footsie jammy's, we make popcorn, and cuddle under a blanket to watch the show. We grabbed Charlotte's Web from the library and she really liked it. I, of course was comparing it to the animated version I grew up with the entire time, but made peace with it's computer animated sister early on. It's still a bit of a stretch to ask E to remain engaged for something longer than 40 minutes or so, but she continues her interest in her own way; dancing to the music, and of course asking lots of questions.

Well, right near the end as Wilbur is distressingly calling after Charlotte's children to stay and not "take to the wind," a spider literally dropped from the celling in our living room and onto my arm! I was so in the moment with the movie and all I just looked at it. As I quickly came to my senses, I swatted it and it curled up and fell onto the couch next to me, dead.

So strange.

I was so conflicted right then and there. Here I was mourning the loss of EB White's tremendous arachnid, and at the same time triumphant in killing this invader in my home.


  1. i say: they can build any amount of beautiful webs they want: OUTSIDE!haha

  2. whats with you and spiders? they lay in wait until D is gone and then make their must be giving off a special endorphan...