Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama and the Arts

I lifted this from here,

"Tyler Green at Modern Art Notes brings our attention to the policy statements that (some of) the political candidates submitted to the Arts Action Fund. I'm sure no one will be surprised that more responses were received from the Democratic campaigns (Clinton, Obama, Edwards, and Richardson) than from their Republican counterparts (just Brownback and Huckabee).
As Green points out, only the Obama campaign submission is thorough and explains in detail what he has done and will do for the arts and art education. Obama is the only one who outlines his detailed platform for the arts, which cover the following major points:
Reinvest in Arts Education
  • Expand Public/Private Partnerships Between Schools and Arts Organizations
  • Create an Artist Corps
  • Publicly Champion the Importance of Arts Education

Support Increased Funding for the NEA
Promote Cultural Diplomacy
Attract Foreign Talent
Provide Health Care to Artists
Ensure Tax Fairness for Artists

While I'm not so easily convinced by campaign promises from any candidate, I do find it significant that his campaign is able to make a very good case based on past action, and a clear understanding of the issues regarding art education. The fact that the other candidates speak in platitudes (and in Clinton's case, even wanders into irrelevant and off topic issues) suggests to me that Obama is the only one who is serious about developing meaningful policy.

Finally, if you're a political junkie like me, you'll want to check out this important and insightful video by Lawrence Lessig about why he's supporting Obama, or you can read the transcript here."


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