Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lemon Curd

(this is a follow-up on the conversation Jen, Rachel and I had a few weeks back)

For those of you, not unlike myself that can't really have the ooey gooey goodness of Nutella just sitting around in your cupboard. Because well, we both know it doesn't just sit there, it's out on the counter with a huge spoon dipping in and out all afternoon long. We justify it with; "It's going on an apple, that's healthy, right?" That stuff is good for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a few "healthy" snacks in-between.

There is hope. The other delectable, spoon-licking treat from across the pond, LEMON CURD. Ok, I know what you're thinking, "Anything with 'curd' in its name is not jumping into my shopping cart." Take courage, it's amazing. And, AND 1/2 the fat of Nutella, and you actually need less because this stuff is sooo flavorful! You'll want to eat it all day long, I promise. It's not unlike eating a lemon bar (a really good one, like Jen makes) when smothered on toast. Oh my word, oh my word, oh my WORD (sung in an operatic voice).

*Thanks Anna


  1. i looove lemon curd. it's great rolled up in swedish pancakes, with some whipped cream and berries! hey, don't feel guilty about the nutella, it may have more fat, but it's NUT fat, and that's good, right? it's got protein in it, so it's better than jam...right? hmmm?

  2. oh, i love lemon bars... so i bet i would really like this!

  3. sounds yummy...i see i'm not the only one in the mood to tinker with blogger fonts today ;-)