Monday, November 5, 2007

Our Brains are Turning Mushy

No more TV.

I unplugged the thing yesterday morning. We're not avid watchers anyhow, we recently got cable but still resort to watching commercial free DVDs (except on sacred Thursday nights at 9:00). I've relied on them to keep E busy while preparing dinner or to take a shower. But the other day she had a throw-down fit at my request to turn it off. She doesn't throw fits, or I should say that I've never allowed her to throw fits. But this, this was a fit and I'm not having it. I announced that it was turning her brain to mush, and that we were now going to return to occupying our home-time with puzzles, art, dress-up, board games, playdough, dance parties, lego's and whatever other creative things we have around! I walked into her room, circled it while calling out all the things that were gathering dust due to lack of play and that if she wanted to keep them, I would have to start seeing some serious inclusion into her daily playtime. And later today we have a date to return all the DVDs to the library that she's become addicted to.

What's been so great, is that she hasn't looked back. Totally content to dance and play with the string of balloons my brother and sister-in-law brought over. I did though, finally set up her fish tank as 'Alternative' TV, and we picked out her new pet this afternoon. I know her interest will likely fade soon, but she could just watch that little guy swim circles all day long!

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  1. in a similar struggle, we just got the kids their first real star wars video game to use on tim's old play station... they are very excited, but i know we are going to have to find a balance of setting aside some time for it AND playing outside!

    ( was worth getting cable for thursday nights, though, right?! :)