Sunday, November 11, 2007

Qwuh, Qwuh, Qwuh, (A)quarium...

E has been sounding out words like crazy! She picks out all sorts of things to have me help her spell. It's so exciting! We went to the Seattle Aquarium with Unlce B and Auntie G. As she was later recounting her day on the phone to Daddy, she said "We went to the Quarium." D must have said something like "Where?" Because what ensued was something not unlike our impromptu phonics lessons "Daddy, QWUH-QWUH-QWUH, like quail, QUARIUM, Daddy."

Anyhow, here's our Quarium photo's, it was her first visit, and my first time back since the fantastic re-model!

(E w/Connor)



(sea dome)

(examine the salmon)

(sea anemone)

(river otters)

(tide pool)

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  1. "qwuh, qwuh, quail!" ellanor, you are a very bright girl :) looks like a fun day!