Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pulling Up & Upside Down

He has mastered the pull-up.

He's pretty good at sitting back down too.

He's even better at spotting my phone innocently resting on the couch cushion, and then handing it to me when he finally notices I've caught him!


You've seen this in his 'learning to crawl video,' but he still loves doing this move!  I've been trying for weeks to capture it, but the minute I reach for the camera he moves on...this morning I got lucky as he was clearly in performance mode!


  1. What a little love bug :) (Love that he hands it right back to you)

  2. Those are great shots.He is really looking like a Dave Jr. to me right now!

  3. So cute!
    August thinks he looks a little like baby Ez in these pictures.

  4. Hey August, the light blue shirt used to be yours!

  5. Aww, Ez will love to hear that, Jen! :)