Thursday, May 6, 2010


If you are even remotely interested in seeing our girls in their downy cuteness; hurry up!  They are getting bigger daily and all of them already have their wings feathered out.  From here we enter into the "awkward teenage boy" phase before filling out into their regal hen-ness, so flutter on over to coo over the little darlings.

*We took them out on the lawn in the sunshine today for the first time.  I corralled them in a bottomless cardboard box.  The gals loved poking around in the grass, finding bugs and such.  Petunia took advantage of a small gap and squeezed through.  Once on the other side she just stood there cocking her head this way and that very proud of herself, until I scooped her up and placed her back in confinement.  We've always kinda secretly mocked her because she hasn't seemed like the sharpest bird brain among them, so today's little escape act may be changing her standings.


  1. Little personalities coming through already! I wish I could see them. Maybe try to post a video of the kids with them sometime :)

  2. I think my first comment didn't come through... Look at the little personalities emerging! Wish I could see them in person. Maybe you could post a video!

  3. I am enjoying how much you are enjoying your feathered friends, Ann!