Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I just could not wait to bring Petunia home.  I fell in love with this girl's breed the minute I layed (ha-ha) eyes on it.  Beautiful (for a chicken).  N and I went over to Monroe Farm & Feed this afternoon and I was astounded at how many little peepers they had on hand, and ducklings too!  My stars, it was fun looking at all of them.  I was glad I had decided which variety I was going to take home, otherwise I would have been there for hours!  I noticed her right away, she was scratching around for food with the older pullets (teenager chick's) and her spunkiness impressed me.  I scooped her up, and she peeped all the way home, and really hasn't stopped.  She's exhibited energy the other two certainly did not upon arrival.  I could almost see their eye's roll when I placed her among her new brood.  She ran right up to Zalie (Azalea), and Goldie (Marigold) and they immediately turned their beaks up at her and pushed into a corner with their little tail feathers staring her down.  And I think I heard one of them snigger and whisper "OMG, who is that?"  I had to have a little talk with them about their little 'chick-clique,' and I think things have settled down.  Just a minute ago I went down to check on them (as I do like every 3 minutes or so) and they were all heaped in a little downy pile with their eyes closed dreaming of meal worms...only maybe not Tunie (Petunia) D thinks she's a vegetarian.

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