Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer is Coming

The kids and I had some fun backyard time with the chicks today!  They love scratching around in the lawn, but can't stay out in the breezes for too long because they're not fully feathered and could get fatally cold.  I even caught 2-week-old Petunia taking a dust bath!  We also got out the wadding pool for them to run around in the sun but that didn't last long, because Marigold repeatedly flew out (see E's winning smile after she caught her).  They are double in size from when we brought them home, and all 3 have started sleeping on their perch, so cute to see all of them lined up asleep.  I really want to get a small run built this weekend, and have made great strides in clearing out the back corner of our yard for the coop!

Later in the evening the Humes came over for our first backyard hamburgers of the year!  We also got out the snow cone maker E got for Christmas a few years back for some post dinner treats.


  1. man oh man, i'm out of it! i haven't been on here month= baseball season. but i see you have chicks and what fun they must be! and pretty soon you'll be eating your very own backyard eggs! :)

  2. What great weather! Gotta love burgers outside- how do you like the snow cone maker? How do you flavor them?