Monday, May 3, 2010

Chicks on the Brain

I've been obsessing about getting our very own backyard flock for a few months now.  D came up with the idea years ago, and only now did it seem feasible.  I've read this book from cover to cover, wandered all over the internet for coop plans and ideas, and studied breeds and varieties late into many nights.  I finally came up with a short list that we would most appreciate; winter hardy, great layers, and docile dispositions.  If anyone has some good pointers or advice send it on over!

For now our little chickadee's are doing great.  To be honest, I was a little worried after we brought them home yesterday.  They were pretty quiet and sleepy and not hungry or thirsty at all.  I also wasn't completely confident in how warm they were or weren't.  In fact I had to convince myself to stay in bed despite the fact I awoke a few times in the night wondering and worried about how they were fairing.  I was fully prepared to check on them in the morning only to find one or both dead.  But both were just peeping away, and they had happily made a mess of their food and water over night.  So, everything is great!  The only remaining slight issue is that we have a neighborhood cat that likes to wander into our garage occasionally when we leave the door open; I don't even want to think about how quickly he could carry one or both off, so door stays shut.

I can't tell you what a perfect fit these little gals seem to be for our family.  They need our care, but not too much. They're cute now and helpful later (eggs & fertilizer).   Quiet, not furry and they live outside!

And you haven't seen anything nearly as cute as a chick falling asleep all snuggled up next to her dozing buddy.

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  1. That is just great, Ann. I think this will be a great venture for the fam.