Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Girls Are Here!

We got 2 of our 3 chicks today!  Azalea is a Black Star, and Marigold is a Rhode Island Red,  they're just 1 week old.  We will be picking up Petunia the Blue Laced Wyandotte later this week (she hasn't hatched yet). We are all egg-static (he-he) about our new pets, and they seem very comfortable in their new digs.  Come this summer they'll permanently move out to the backyard to their new coop, and by fall we expect to see a regular supply of eggs!  But for now we've set up a large plastic bin in the garage complete with a feeder, water, bedding and a heat lamp.  E is ga-ga over them, and cannot wait to introduce them to all her friends & family; come on by and meet them!


  1. they are adorable! can't wait to read about how everything goes.

  2. This is really so exciting!! I need my AK here to help me turn my yard into a little farm wonderland too!! Great talking to you this morning. Miss you and love ya xo