Saturday, May 5, 2007

Passing them On

So my parents are remodeling their kitchen this Spring and with that goes an enormous amount of work beforehand. Clearing out cupboards, weighing whether or not to keep dwindling amount of spices, chipped plates and napkins from their wedding. Before anything goes in the trash it passes a line of hierarchy among the children. My brother is inheriting some unused maple syrup, and I was offered canning jars. I also timidly accepted a huge pile of aluminium cookie cutters. The ones I used at my grandmothers at Christmastime, the ones I used for play dough growing up. These are treasures to me. As I sifted through them, I became truly nostalgic. My mind was buzzing with the those memories. I remembered holding them in my flour-covered fingers, and carefully decorating each cookie with colored sugar and chocolate chips. They likely go back to when my mom was young, and it prompts me to wonder how much further they'll travel along my family line.

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