Friday, December 25, 2009

Under the Tree

This Christmas was easier in so many ways. E is into all sorts of typical little girl things; art supplies, books, movies, games and music. She loves music, she sings all day, she can't help but wiggle, twirl and bounce whenever a tune is playing so we thought it was time to get her own music player. An iPod seemed a little over the top for a 5-year-old (however carefully she tries, things get dropped...). So with a little research we settled on the SweetPea3, a very kid friendly player with a decent built-in speaker and headphone jack.

E has taken an extra special interest in marine animals within the last year, especially dolphins. And has hopes of opening an oceanarium here in our small town when she grows up. So when I came across the nearly 4 foot stuffed dolphin on Melissa & Doug's online store I just knew she'd freak out! She lugs this thing from room to room with her talking to it (she's it's trainer, of course), and requests to snuggle up next to it in bed, which makes for fairly tight sleeping quarters as you can imagine.

N hasn't been able to demonstrate any real affection for any of his gifts, but there are a few things that repeatedly catch his eye:

I found a few reissued Fisher Price toys down at our local shop and couldn't resist the Chatter Phone! And this clever little guy; he has a crank on the bottom instead of using batteries and plays 3 songs that correspond with the 3 blinky push-buttons!
This sweet little picnic basket is full of friendly faces on soft food items that jingle, rattle and crinkle as well!
Another little ingenious guy I found, is this nightlight for his room. It projects a starry sky on his ceiling. E's jealous of this one and often asks to have my put it in her room after N's fallen asleep for the night.

*again shaky camera work as I'm lugging the baby too, sorry.


  1. You guys are definitely going to have to plan to come down to the Monterey Bay area soon. E would love the Monterey Bay Aquarium! Plus we want to squeeze those baby cheeks.

  2. what a fun christmas! i'm putting stuff away today and i think it went by too fast...