Monday, December 7, 2009

6 Monthes

We took N to his 6 month check-up this morning. He's holding steady right at the top of the charts; weighing in at 21lbs 13oz (97%), and 29" long (99%). He's sitting pretty well now and has taken to pushing off his heels while laying on his back. Today he surprised himself a few times after ramming his noggin into the wall as he scoots down the hall. He's also learned a few other tricks; he'll press his open mouth up to our cheeks when we ask for kisses, and will repeatedly slap our open hand for a 'high-five.' N loves to 'talk' and uses a wide range of vocal inflections liberally, especially when he's getting sleepy.

He is constantly sending me into giggles as we're trying out this 'new solid food thing.' He cannot stand anything sweet (so far banana or sweet potato), it sends shivers up his spine, he grimaces and then promptly spits it out, then refuses to open his mouth for another try. Avocado, however continues to be thoroughly exciting and he can't get enough (I've pureed a total of 14 to date, and am planning on buying more next week).

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