Monday, December 21, 2009

Nelson Mandela lives at my house

I was scrolling through this years Holiday Gift Guide on Babble last week and was delighted to find that you could enter to win a large number of the gifts they were suggesting so...there I went! I was entering left and right; "Have a $72 cashmere baby tank dress sent to me free of charge? Don't mind if I do (who cares that I have a boy)." "Win a $700 litl Webbook? I could live with that." On and on I went scrolling through the pages of gifts that they recommend and entering their giveaways not really believing that I could ever actually win anything...I never win anything. I did though take some of their suggestions from this and last year's lists and purchased a few things for friends and E...

Anyhow, what should appear in my inbox one cold and rainy morning at the end of last week? A Congratulations e-mail saying I had won a very sweet handmade doll and it would arrive shortly!

I won!

Not something I would have probably purchased, but something that I think is kinda great; A Nelson Mandela doll. Just read about it:

This Nelson Mandela doll isn't just cuddly, it also pays tribute to the anti-Apartheid leader and first elected black president of South Africa. Children are never too young to learn about peace and justice and each purchase provides skill training and employment in post-Apartheid South Africa. Like all Global Goods products, these dolls are fair trade, eco-conscious and individually handcrafted. Global Goods is a not-for-profit working to empower women, alleviate poverty and promote social justice.

He arrived today and I put him up on N's shelf, and if he's as inquisitive as his older sister, we have a conversation coming.

*Thank you Babble, what a lovely early Christmas present!

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