Thursday, December 10, 2009


This one has been around the block and back. Tania gave it to us after both her boys were done with it, E used it, and now onto N. I'm only sad that our Oona didn't get a chance to break it in before him (but you can't send something this big through the mail all the way to Massachusetts). N could spend hours in this thing, and his favorite activity is flicking at the beads (and reaching for mom's curtains). Me? I love watching those chunky thighs, and listening to him babble away.


  1. Fun to see him learning about his surroundings. He really has stunning eyes in that first pic!

  2. And I love that he is getting use out of Noah and Ezra's overalls! How fun. :) We got another hand-me-down-saucer here. So glad Nils having fun in it. He is just such a cutie- and those adorable thighs!! Is he out of his little car seat now??