Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tinker Toys

The shorter days make it tricky to keep E occupied without turning a movie on during those long dark and damp hours of downtime. So I've come up with 'The Challenge.' I think of an activity that's in her room, and she races to accomplish the task as quickly as she can. This really works well, and after she's done my request she's usually compelled to get back to whatever activity it is that I asked her to complete. This evening after both kids were in the pj's I looked her squarely in the eye and said, "Alright, I want to see...a robot made out of Tinker Toys, GO!" She scurried off, and lugged the plastic bin back to me, I popped off the lid and she set to work. Before long the entire contents were all over the floor and she was fervently working. N, also near by on the floor was watching her intently and was reaching for all her pieces. I propped him up in the box for a better view and out of reach of the smaller choking bits. We're finally getting to the fun-phase with 2 kiddo's.


  1. You are such a smart Mommy! The Challenge is a great idea :) Look at little Nils in the bin! Those two are only going to keep getting closer xo

  2. such beautiful pictures! and what a great idea ;)

  3. Nils is the cutest little dude ever!!! i can't wait to meet him.