Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Monday, not Tuesday

I don't know when I decided in my head that it was Tuesday today and that E needed to go to her swimming lesson. But, it was before I packed her bag with goggles, towels, chlorine shampoo and a hairdryer, woke her from her nap to put her swim suit on, drove across town in the the freezing wind, undressed her in the locker room, put her in the shower, and watched her shiver and tremble at the side of the pool turning blue waiting for her lesson to begin...TOMORROW!

We have swimming lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays, not Monday's.

It didn't dawn on me even as I pulled into the parking lot sighing with the thought that, "Here we are for the second time today (she already had ballet that Monday morning at this community center)," we're never here twice in one day. No, it didn't even occur to me when I noticed her teacher was fully dressed and manning the lifeguard podium, or that I didn't recognize a single soul in the locker room or poolside. No, as the clock neared the start time of her fictitious lesson that's when I finally started questioning myself. "What day is it?" I hissed at E. I couldn't think, I scanned my brain for something to indicate what day it the end I had to ask another mom standing by the pool...



All I could do was roll my eyes, and give a shrug as we passed her instructor quizzically looking down at us as we shuffled off below him. And poor E, she was so characteristically sweet about the whole thing, empathizing the entire way home, "I'm sorry I didn't have my swimming lesson today."


  1. that's a good one! and, little el apologizing on the way home, that is too cute. hey, isn't there an office episode like that! jim and pam help dwight think it is friday all day, when it is really thursday!

    have a good tuesday! maybe we can catch up on the phone later :)

  2. oh. my. goodness. lol!
    well, you weren't the only one. a friend called on monday to cancel the sewing date we had (for tuesday) saying she was running late at work. and i said: for tomorrow? and she said: what day is it? i said: monday!
    and she is a school teacher! hahaha

  3. maybe it's the feeling that this year is speeding to a close altogether...i know i'm definitely thinking forward to january! either way, what a bummer to get all ready and get there, only to realize you have to do it again the next day! ouch.

  4. we may be sharing a brain, ann! you deserve a favorite right now is trader joe's candy cane joe joes. yeah. the whole box gone in one and a half days. not good, yet oh SO good!